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It is a well know fact that the British public love and care for their animals. There is an estimated 6.6 million dogs that are living in the homes of people within the UK. It is quite clear that out of all the choice of animal pets, dogs are a firm favourite. Not only do people love their own pets, but a lot of people subscribe to a animal charity care organisation. Understandably, most of us hate to see creatures of any description, suffer. Britain was one of the first countries in the world to have an animal charity set up that rescued and provided care for mistreated, abused and neglected animals.

Its no wonder then that every year, on average, each animal in the UK has an estimated one thousand, two hundred and fifty two pounds spent on providing for them and buying them dog care products. It’s clear we like to spoil our doggies! With so many products on the market to choose from, it looks like dog owners are also spoilt for choice.

There are health products that back up or support the dogs natural diet. There are health care products to help in the event of an injury. Supplements are available that support the joints of our elderly dogs, or dogs that are normally prone to certain bone problems like hip dysplasia. Ear and eye care products are available to buy. This level of care unleashed on our dogs could result in less visits to the vets as they will receive good maintenance and care at home. Of course it is always advisable and better to give your dog an annual check-up at he vets at the least, as there are always things the Vets can recognise and cure that we can’t, no matter how many health products we have in stock.

Then we have the general everyday care products such as combs and brushes, wipes and shampoos that care for our dogs coat and fur. Coats for the colder and wetter weathers are also available and come in all different sizes and styles. Then we have the beds, leads, collars, toys, etc, etc. The list goes on and on.

A dog needs a good quality of life and they love nothing more than being with their family, their people, their pack. Dogs have the ability to soak up and adapt to their surroundings, becoming a product of the home they belong to, or a product of the people who love them. When they know we care for them it makes them a happier dog, and ultimately it makes us happier dog owners. That is why there are also a huge number of books about dogs, teaching us how to train them, showing us the many different breeds and advising us on health care, veterinary needs and requirements. These books about dog care are interesting to read, even if its just because you have an fascination with in a certain breed. For more information go to: www.premarketpets.com

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