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Greyhound collars

Rottweiler, Border Collie, Greyhound, Whippet, King Charles Spaniel, Dalmatian. There are lots of breeds and dogs to choice from. These dogs were bred with a specific job in mind, a purpose or a need they filled. Therefore when looking around for a suitable breed of dog to make your family pet, it is important to do your research to find not only a dog that appeals to you, but to make sure the dog is the right breed for your circumstances. It’s very easy to jump straight to the fun of getting carried away with buying things such as beds, collars and identity tags, toys and kennels. It sometimes happens that a family has innocently purchased or acquired a dog, proudly placed their identity collar on it, but then, unfortunately discovered, that the dog does not fit in with the family dynamics, due to demands that the breed naturally require. They may need a lot more attention, that despite our best efforts, we can not fill or cater to.

In the past, some breeds were overlooked in favour of fluffier, smaller dogs, because of the misconception that a bigger, faster dog, requires more walks, playtime or training. The Greyhound is an extremely gentle, elegant breed. They make good family pets and, although they can reach speeds up to 43 miles per hour once their collar is unclipped from the lead, they are known for also being able to settle quite happily on the sofa. In fact, one documentary stated that Greyhounds are also known to be couch potatoes as they can sleep the day away and rest quite happily.

Greyhounds have short fur which is easy to keep clean and maintained. It is less likely to become matted or tangled up with their collar or debris encountered along your walks. The Greyhounds lack of undercoat, means that they are more susceptible to the cold and therefore they need to be indoors during extreme temperatures. Most Greyhound owners will buy a coat for them to wear along with their collars, to help keep the sun directly off their skin, or to keep them warm during colder months.

Greyhounds have quite slender bodies and slender necks and it can sometimes prove difficult sourcing a collar for them that will be firstly, comfortable for the dog, and also effective in keeping the dog safe on its lead and leash. You can find specialised collars and leads online for all different types of breeds, as well as different styles and colours of collar. To make sure you get exactly what your dog needs, it may be advisable to find a company that specialize in catering, caring and providing for that specific breed. For your greyhound needs please go to www.premarketpets.com

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