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If you are the proud owner of a horse or greyhound, you will already be aware that there is plenty you need to stay on top of for their best health. It can sometimes seem as though there is so much to do that it’s hard to do it all, but the truth is that by going a little at a time, you can easily take care of your animal.

There are certain considerations to bear in mind if you are the owner of a racing horse or greyhound, as the nature of racing is such that it will always put something of a strain on the animal in question. One of the biggest responsibilities on this front is to ensure that your animal’s joints, tendons and muscles are kept in the best possible condition at all times. With all that strain, this can be hard to do.

With the application of Odzon, however, this can be made much easier. Odzon is a useful ointment used to tend to sore joints, tendons and muscle problems in both horses and greyhounds, and it is extremely effective. It is safe to use up to and on the day of a race itself, so you have the freedom of being able to apply it whenever necessary. Not only does it help with any soreness which your animal might be experiencing, but it can be useful for a range of related concerns as well. Using Odzon routinely and regularly can assist with injuries to the tendons and muscles, wrist and toe injuries, and even some race falls.

It is clear that Odzon is a must-have in the cabinet of any thoroughbred horse or greyhound owner. With some Odzon to hand, you can ensure that you are taking much better care of your animal - and that is the most important thing of all. It is simple to apply, too - all you need to do is use your hand or a cotton wool pad to apply it to the affected area. You can do this fairly liberally, applying up to four or five applications, allowing each layer to settle in before adding the next. If your animal is badly injured, applying some Odzon at the start of each day is a great way to ensure a much speedier recovery, so that is something that is worth bearing in mind.

Something that especially sets Odzon apart from similar ointments is that it can be applied even on broken skin. This is great news, as it means that Odzon can be used no matter how extreme the injury may appear to be. No matter what, Odzon can help to some degree. Whether you have a racing horse with a tendon problem, or your greyhound is experiencing some muscle stiffness, applying some Odzon is often the best way to go. It is the ideal addition to your cabinet - be sure to get hold of some as soon as possible. You - and your animal - will be glad that you did.

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