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Storm Canis

Are you looking for a supplement that can dramatically improve the performance and recovery of your dog? Then look no further than Storm Canis, a scientifically-derived formula designed to support even the most active greyhounds.

At Premarket Pet Products, we’re dedicated to ensuring that your greyhound gets the very best products possible. Our Storm Canis supplement is industry-leading, supporting recovery and ensuring that your dog continues to perform year after year.

How Storm Canis Helps Put Your Dog At An Advantage

Helps Secure Victory

You want your greyhounds to perform the very best that they can and be victorious on racing day. However, to do that, their nutrition needs to be perfect. Although it’s possible to feed your dog everything it needs to perform the very best it can using regular foods, it’s also hard to do on a day to day basis,

Storm Canis helps to secure victory for your hound by providing all the nutrients that it needs to perform at its very best. Mark Wallis, the 2013 UK champion, says that the product led to the victory of one of his dogs right in the final stages of the race.

Helps With Acceleration

Is your dog sluggish off the line? Storm Canis helps to improve reactivity, getting muscles performing at peak levels right from the moment the gates open.

Unique Ingredients

Storm Canis supports your dog by combining a proprietary blend of active ingredients in a unique combination. No other product has the same incredible list of ingredients. This product helps dogs in both training and in competition.

Supports Muscle Repair

Training doesn’t make your greyhound faster. Rather, it’s the recovery afterwards which allows the dog to get stronger. As such, Storm Canis enhances performance by supercharging the recovery phase between training sessions, allowing your dog to come back stronger and faster for the next.

Delays Muscle Fatigue

The benefits that your dog gets from training are directly related to the length of time that it is able to train at peak intensity. However, science has shown that lactic acid quickly builds up in dogs’ muscles, leading to lactic burn - something which discourages continued exercise. With Storm Canis, however, your dog will be able to keep training longer and harder, thanks to its activity-promoting properties.

Why Choose Pre Market Pets For Dog Supplements?

We’ve Worked With Top Trainers

Ever since 2002, we’ve worked with top kennels and experienced greyhound trainers to supply the very best products.

Only High Quality, Certified Product

All our products are certified, meaning that you can use them safely without fear of disqualification. Storm Canis is also safe and suitable for use by greyhounds over the long term, increasing their resilience to exercise.

Contact Us Today

Do you need a supplement which will give your greyhound extra endurance and speed? Do you want it to be supplied by people with enormous experience in the industry? Then look no further than here.

You can buy online, or call us on 01842337082 or 077666 21028. Alternatively, you can email at patrickjanssens2@gmail.com for more information.

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